Mayor John Kartak talks with Alison Weston of Magnify Freedom to discuss the controversies of today, protecting our rights and "Small Town Values."


If you have not voted yet, PLEASE do so as soon as you can! I would be honored to have your vote for the House of Representatives —Position 1, 44th Legislative District.


During concluding comments at July 7th's public meeting, Mayor John T. Kartak passionately articulated his thoughts to his Snohomish City Council on several things that were spoken during that meeting, including one City Councilman who had unfairly attacked his personal character, a member of the community who implored the City to do away with its SRO (School Resource Officer), and another person who claimed that white people don’t experience racism.


Toward the beginning of last night’s public meeting, Mayor John T. Kartak addressed Snohomish City Council regarding his thoughts on the events that took place in Snohomish on May 31st, 2020.


On June 11, John T. Kartak addressed the Snohomish County Republican Party on multiple topics. Such topics included the bullying nature of Seattle politics, the overreach of Governor Inslee while he continues to suspend civil liberties for months on end, indefinitely, amidst an eerie and frightening silence on the part of the Washington State Legislature's majority party that consistently fails to represent our 44th Legislative District's Republicans AND Democrats -this by continuing to kneel down to Seattle extremism.


June 9th, John T. Kartak was interviewed by King5 news concerning the vilification of the city of Snohomish and it’s leaders response to the threat of violent riots spreading from Seattle. King5 aired a very edited version, but here you have the full interview. John Kartak stands by the honorable police officers who protect and serve the community of Snohomish.


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