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"Don't Seattle our Snohomish!"

-Mayor Kartak

John T. Kartak supports our SMALL-TOWN VALUES, and this starts with prioritizing the needs of our community, businesses, and police with a focus on the actual services that the City provides.

In his first three years of office, he built up our General Fund's ending balance from $2.5 million to $4.2 million, making Snohomish one of the most fiscally sound cities in Washington State -and this while remaining operationally-responsive to the needs of our residents, businesses, and visitors.


Our visible homeless population has been reduced by half with a dual-pronged approach of compassion, outreach, and pathways to changed lives combined with tough love and zero tolerance toward crime.  Mayor Kartak shows such leadership, firsthand by building personal, sincere relationships with these members of our community.

Mayor Kartak has continued to develop our police services by expanding the small-town community-outreach approach.  Crime has gone down, and vehicular speeds in a number of residential neighborhoods are now safer.

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You deserve a
proactive Mayor who works hard to represent your values at City Hall.


RE-ELECT John T. Kartak for Snohomish Mayor!
Small-Town Values


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