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Get big-city politics out of our small town government


... of our community, businesses, and refocusing our Council and Mayor, on the actual services that the City provides: Water Utilities, Police, Streets, Parks, and our Planning/Building Department.


In his first four years as your Snohomish Mayor (2017-2021), John T. Kartak tripled the City's General Fund year-end balance from $2.5 million to over $7 million making our local government among the most fiscally responsible across Washington State. 


This was while streamlining multiple departments, improving and increasing City services, increasing employee salaries, and signing into action the lowering of your City utility bills multiple times.


Snohomish government is unusually reliant on sales tax dollars. I prioritized the strengthening of our financial means to float our City through an economic downturn to protect our core services as well as the families of our existing employees. This is in contrast to the 2008 Recession when the City was caught unprepared and had to engage in massive layoffs and reduction in services."


While John T. Kartak was Mayor, street improvements, sewer plant upgrades, and other major construction projects were all completed on time and under budget.  This includes the removal of our decommissioned water dam 14 miles up the Pilchuck River, the removal of our dilapidated Hal Moe Pool, and the complete restoration of our Carnegie Hall community center.  All under budget and on time.

2017 Yes Mayor Kartak Easter Parade.jpg

"Don't Seattle our Snohomish!"

-John T. Kartak

ELECT John T. Kartak for Snohomish City Council!
Small-Town Values


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